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Temple Update: Jun 6, 2017

Another Update:

Have improved the security of the website -AND- made some additions to other protective methods.


It seems there are still some renegade “bots” trying to index/access now-defunct pages, folders, and resources which were removed/altered nearly TWO YEARS AGO! – Well, got a real surprise for them! – THOSE items are GONE! – Too bad!


Will require logging in with Email Address, instead of just simply “user name”. This is because email addresses are NOT published, nor accessible from any blog-output of this site.


New account creation, lost-password retrieval, etc. will only be allowed from NON-proxied connections. Visitors using hidden, TOR, and/or other privacy-enhanced proxy connections will be unfettered for browsing purposes, but disallowed from logging in, and any account creation. There is also, for the moment, NO posting of content from a proxied connection (a better resolution is forth-coming soon).


Please enjoy visiting us at “The Dragon Temple”.


Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder of the Temple,


Update-Wed-2017-03-08 – “The Temple” is Restored!

TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENT DRAGONS (here) Has finally been nearly-fully restored.

After a very long time being down,

I can now confidently say: “WE ARE BAAAACK!”

I will also have some new writings to add very shortly, in keeping with the mission of “The Temple”. There will still be some work in restoring this website’s prominence in the search-engine “searchability” area, but not to worry.

I have also noticed a few folks (or, maybe just one) have had a feeding frenzy of “business” while I (or “we”) were away. GOOD! They can thank me for the great SEO results that “I” made possible, without hiring any professional SEO-Consultant, they themselves are enjoying (for not much longer)! We do NOT do any of the “Blackhat”-SEO garbage that some have tried to use my website for. We put out genuine, creative writings and content that may be of special interest to those who are genuinely curious.


Be looking forward to MORE of the quality writings and critiques to come.

– Rev. Dragon’s Eye,
Founder and Chief-Elder Dragon of the Temple,



“The Temple” – on-line, is almost back to full operation!

After nearly a year,

Temple of The Ancient Dragons is soon to be in “full-swing”, once again. After much development, and fine-tuning of various settings, methods, and other technical improvements: The on-line “Dragon Temple” – to further honor and commemorate the great knowledge and wisdoms of the Ancient Dragons – has re-found its place in the “World-Wide Web” and beyond.

Other sub-sites to this one,

Shall be eventually be restored and revitalized with more technical enhancements and improvements. Furthermore, we are also hosted on a more-capable, better-quality hosting service! Hopefully, this will translate into more years of “The Temple” being able to provide yet another “alternative view” to spirituality and the mysteries of the Ancient Dragons (whom some of us refer to lovingly, and reverently, as: “The Ancient Ones”).

So, please be patient just a little longer. Seems that I am the one best-suited for the technical details and “know-how”! 😉