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 Today's Thelemic Date

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Now sporting a newly designed and customized template and theme, made by your’s truly. ;-) The blog site (blog.templeoftheancientdragons.org) has now been set aside and refined to provide a more professional and easy-access front end. All members has been migrated to “the blog”.

This is a website (and blog) dedicated to the study of the ancient dragon myths, legends, and lore. It is also a place to learn how to begin working with the dragons and their energies. It is dedicated to the principles as was practiced by the ancient shamanic peoples and of today’s shamanism.

As I am currently studying shamanism, and furthering my own experience in various shamanic practices and healing, I am willing to share some of my own findings and personal experiences. Therefore, much of what I present is based on my personal studies and experiences.

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